Paneled Contribution Plot Layouts

The CONTRIBUTIONPANEL statement produces paneled contribution plots. You can use the options NCOLS=c and NROWS=r to specify the number of columns and rows in the layout, respectively.

By default, c and r are determined by p, the number of contribution plots to be displayed. If $p \le 16$, then $c = \lceil \sqrt {p} \rceil $ and $r = \lceil p / c \rceil $. Otherwise, one of the following three layouts is used to minimize the number of empty panels in the last page of the graph:

  • $c = 4$, $r = 4$

  • $c = 4$, $r = 3$

  • $c = 3$, $r = 3$

If you specify only NCOLS=c, then $r = \lceil p/c \rceil $. If you specify only NROWS=r, then $c = \lceil p/r \rceil $.

Although $c \le 4$ and $r \le 4$ by default, you can specify values greater than 4 in the NCOLS= and NROWS= options.