Syntax: ANOM Procedure

The following are the primary statements that control the ANOM procedure:

PROC ANOM <options> ;
BOXCHART (responses) $*$ group-variable <(block-variables)><=symbol-variable> </ options> ;
PCHART (responses) $*$ group-variable <(block-variables)><=symbol-variable> </ options> ;
UCHART (responses) $*$ group-variable <(block-variables)><=symbol-variable> </ options> ;
XCHART (responses) $*$ group-variable <(block-variables)><=symbol-variable> </ options> ;
INSET keyword-list </ options> ;

The PROC ANOM statement invokes the procedure and specifies the input data set. The chart statements create different types of charts. You can specify one or more of each of the chart statements. For details, read the section on the chart statement that corresponds to the type of chart that you want to produce.