Overview: ANOM Procedure

Analysis of means (ANOM) is a graphical and statistical method for simultaneously comparing k treatment means with their overall mean at a specified significance level $\alpha $. You can use the ANOM procedure to create ANOM charts for various types of response data, including continuous measurements, proportions, and rates.

In addition, you can use the ANOM procedure to do the following:

  • create charts from either response values or summarized data

  • analyze multiple response variables

  • specify decision limits in terms of the significance level ($\alpha $)

  • compute decision limits from the data and automatically adjust decision limits for unequal sample sizes

  • save chart statistics and decision limits in output data sets

  • tabulate chart statistics and decision limits.

See Chapter 3: SAS/QC Graphics, for a detailed discussion of the alternatives available for producing charts with SAS/QC procedures.