The HPDS2 Procedure

PROC HPDS2 Features

The HPDS2 procedure provides a vehicle for parallel execution of DS2 code in a distributed computing environment. The following list summarizes the basic features of the HPDS2 procedure:

  • provides the ability to execute DS2 code in parallel

  • enables DS2 code to be executed on a local client machine (single-machine mode) or on multiple machines in a distributed computing environment (distributed mode)

  • enables control of the level of parallelism per execution node and the number of nodes to engage

  • performs a syntax check of the DS2 code on the local client machine before sending it to the distributed computing environment for execution

  • manages data migration to the location of execution and movement back to the client machine as needed

Because the HPDS2 procedure is a high-performance analytical procedure, it also does the following:

  • enables you to run in distributed mode on a cluster of machines that distribute the data and the computations

  • enables you to run in single-machine mode on the server where SAS is installed

  • exploits all the available cores and concurrent threads, regardless of execution mode

For more information, see the section Processing Modes in ChapterĀ 2: Shared Concepts and Topics.