The HPDMDB Procedure

Example 6.3 Running with Data on the SAS appliance

This example uses the same data set as in Example 6.1.

When the input data set resides on the SAS appliance, the SAS appliance performs all computations and reports the results back to the client. In the following example, the input data resides in the MyLib library, which is a distributed data source. To run these statements successfully, you need to set the macro variables to resolve to appropriate values, or you can replace the macro variable references with the appropriate values.

 option set=GRIDHOST       = "&GRIDHOST";

 libname MyLib &LIBTYPE
         server  ="&GRIDDATASERVER"
         user    =&USER
 /*MyLib is a libref for a distributed data source
   In this case, the computation is automatically done
   on the SAS appliance.*/
 proc hpdmdb data=MyLib.ex print classout=cout varout=vout;
     class x1-x3;
     weight w;
     var x4 y2;
     freq f;
     performance details;

The results are the same as those shown in Output 6.1.1 and Output 6.1.2.