COPY Procedure

Restrictions: PROC COPY ignores concatenations with catalogs. Use PROC CATALOG COPY to copy concatenated catalogs.

PROC COPY does not support data set options.

PROC COPY does not back up graphic catalogs. Use PROC CPORT or PROC CIMPORT when doing back ups with graphic catalogs.

Tips: See “Statements with the Same Function in Multiple Procedures” for details. You can also use any global statements. See “Global Statements” for a list.

Complete documentation for the COPY procedure is in COPY Statement.


PROC COPY OUT=libref-1 IN=libref-2
<MEMTYPE=(mtype-1 <...mtype-n>)>
<MOVE <ALTER=alter-password>>;
<OVERRIDE ds_option-1=value-1 <...ds_option-n=value-n>>
EXCLUDE SAS-file-1 <...SAS-file-n> </ MEMTYPE=mtype>;
SELECT SAS-file-1 <...SAS-file-n> </ <MEMTYPE=mtype> <ALTER=alter-password>>;

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task Example
COPY Statement Copy one or more files Ex. 1
EXCLUDE Statement Exclude files or memtypes  
CLONE | NOCLONE Specify whether to copy data set attributes Ex. 2, Ex. 3
IN=libref-2 Name of source library Ex. 1
OUT=libref-1 Name of destination library Ex. 1, Ex. 3
SELECT Statement Select files or memtypes Ex. 1, Ex. 2
OVERRIDE=(ds_option-1=value-1 <...ds_option-n=value-n>) Overrides specified output data set options copied from the input data set