OPTSAVE Procedure

Determining If a Single Option Can Be Saved

You can specify DEFINE in the OPTIONS procedure to determine whether an option can be saved. In the log output, the line beginning with Optsave: indicates whether the option can be saved.
proc options option=pageno define;
8    proc options option=pageno define;
9    run;

    SAS (r) Proprietary Software Release 9.3  TS1B0

Option Definition Information for SAS Option PAGENO
    Group Description: Procedure output and display settings
    Description: Beginning page number for the next page of output produced by the SAS System
    Type: The option value is of type LONG
          Range of Values: The minimum is 1 and the maximum is 2147483647
          Valid Syntax(any casing): MIN|MAX|n|nK|nM|nG|nT|hexadecimal
    Numeric Format: Usage of LOGNUMBERFORMAT does not impact the value format
    When Can Set: Startup or anytime during the SAS Session
    Restricted: Your Site Administrator can restrict modification of this option
    Optsave: PROC Optsave or command Dmoptsave will save this option