PRTDEF Procedure


Creates printer definitions in batch mode.
Defining Multiple Printer Definitions

Creating a Ghostview Printer in SASUSER to Preview PostScript Printer Output in SASUSER

Creating a Single Printer Definition That Is Available to All Users

Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Printer Definitions

Deleting a Single Printer Definition


PROC PRTDEF <option(s)>;

Optional Arguments

specifies the SAS data set that contains the printer attributes.
Requirement:Printer attributes variables that must be specified are DEST, DEVICE, MODEL, and NAME, except when the value of the variable OPCODE is DELETE. In that case, only the NAME variable is required.
specifies that the default operation is to delete the printer definitions from the registry.
Interaction:If both DELETE and REPLACE are specified, then DELETE is the default operation.
Tip:If the user-defined printer definition is deleted, then the administrator-defined printer can still appear if it exists in the SASHELP catalog.
specifies that the registry entries are being created for export to a different host. As a consequence, tests of any host-dependent items, such as the TRANTAB, are skipped.
specifies that a list of printers that is created or replaced is written to the log.
specifies that the default operation is to modify existing printer definitions. Any printer name that already exists is modified by using the information in the printer attributes data set. Any printer name that does not exist is added.
Interaction:If both REPLACE and DELETE are specified, then a DELETE is performed.
specifies that the printer definitions are to be placed in the SASHELP library, where they are available to all users. If the USESASHELP option is not specified, then the printer definitions are placed in the current SASUSER library, where they are available to the local user only.
Windows Specifics: You can create printer definitions with PROC PRTDEF in the Windows operating environment. However, because Universal Printing is turned off by default in Windows, these printer definitions do not appear in the Print window. If you want to use your printer definitions when Universal Printing is turned off, then either specify the printer definition as part of the PRINTERPATH system option or, from the Output Delivery System (ODS), issue the following code:
where myprinter is the name of your printer definition.
Restriction:To use the USESASHELP option, you must have permission to write to the SASHELP catalog.