PWENCODE Procedure


Encodes a password.
Encoding a Password

Using an Encoded Password in a SAS Program

Saving an Encoded Password to the Paste Buffer

Specifying an Encoding Method for a Password


Required Argument

specifies the password to encode. The password can contain up to a maximum of 512 characters, which include alphanumeric characters, spaces, and special characters.
Note: Data set passwords must follow SAS naming rules. If the IN=password follows SAS naming rules, it can also be used for SAS data sets. For information about SAS naming rules, see Rules for Most SAS Names in SAS Language Reference: Concepts.
If the password contains embedded single or double quotation marks, use the standard SAS rules for quoting character constants. These rules can be found in the SAS Constants in Expressions chapter of SAS Language Reference: Concepts.
Note: Each character of the encoded password is replaced by an X when written to the SAS log.

Optional Arguments

specifies a fileref to which the output string is to be written. If the OUT= option is not specified, the output string is written to the SAS log.
Note: The global macro variable
is set to the value that is written to the OUT= fileref or to the value that is displayed in the SAS log.
specifies the encoding method. Here are the supported values for encoding-method:
Supported Encoding Methods
Encoding Method
Supported Data Encryption Algorithm
Uses base64 to encode passwords.
sas002, which can also be specified as sasenc
Uses a 32-bit key to encode passwords. This is the default.
SASProprietary, which is included in SAS software.
Uses a 256-bit key to encode passwords.
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), which is supported in SAS/SECURE.
Note: SAS/SECURE is an add-on product that requires a separate license. For details about SAS/SECURE, the SASProprietary algorithm, and the AES algorithm, see Encryption in SAS.
If the METHOD= option is omitted, the default encoding method is used. When the FIPS 140-2 compliance option, -encryptfips, is specified, the encoding default method is sas003. For all other cases, encoding method sas002 is the default method used.