HADOOP Procedure


Controls access to the Hadoop server.


PROC HADOOP <hadoop-server-options>;

Hadoop Server Options

These options control access to the Hadoop server and can be specified on all HADOOP procedure statements.
specifies the name of an authentication domain metadata object in order to connect to the Hadoop server. The authentication domain references credentials (user ID and password) without your having to explicitly specify the credentials. The auth-domain name is case sensitive, and it must be enclosed in double quotation marks.
An administrator creates authentication domain definitions while creating a user definition with the User Manager in SAS Management Console. The authentication domain is associated with one or more login metadata objects that provide access to the Hadoop server. The metadata objects are resolved by SAS calling the SAS Metadata Server and returning the authentication credentials.
Requirement:The authentication domain and the associated login definition must be stored in a metadata repository, and the metadata server must be running to resolve the metadata object specification.
Interaction:If you specify AUTHDOMAIN=, do not specify USERNAME= and PASSWORD=.
See:For more information about creating and using authentication domains, see the discussion on credential management in the SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide.
OPTIONS=fileref | 'external-file'
identifies the Hadoop configuration file to use for the associated PROC statement. The file must be an XML document.
specifies the SAS fileref that is assigned to the Hadoop configuration file. To assign a fileref, use the FILENAME statement.
is the physical location of the XML document. Include the complete pathname and the filename. Enclose the physical name in single or double quotation marks. The maximum length is 200 characters.
is the password for the user ID on the Hadoop server. The user ID and password are added to the set of options that are identified by OPTIONS=.
Requirement:To specify PASSWORD=, you must also specify USERNAME=.
is an authorized user ID on the Hadoop server. The user ID and password are added to the set of options that are identified by OPTIONS=.
enables additional messages that are displayed on the SAS log. VERBOSE is a good error diagnostic tool. If you receive an error message when you invoke SAS, you can use this option to see whether you have an error in your system option specifications.