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The CATALOG Procedure

Syntax: CATALOG Procedure

Tip: Supports RUN-group processing.
Tip: You can perform similar functions with the SAS Explorer window and with dictionary tables in the SQL procedure. For information on the Explorer window, see the online Help. For information on PROC SQL, see The SQL Procedure.
See: CATALOG Procedure under Windows UNIX z/OS OpenVMS
Table of Contents: The CATALOG Procedure

CONTENTS <OUT=SAS-data-set> <FILE=fileref>;
COPY OUT=<libref.>catalog <options>;
SELECT entry-1 <...entry-n> </ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;
EXCLUDE entry-1 <...entry-n> </ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;
CHANGE old-name-1=new-name-1
</ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;
EXCHANGE name-1=other-name-1
</ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;
DELETE entry-1 <...entry-n> </ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;
MODIFY entry (DESCRIPTION=<<'>entry-description<'>>)</ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;
SAVE entry-1 <...entry-n> </ ENTRYTYPE=etype>;

Task Statement
Copy entries from one SAS catalog to another PROC CATALOG

Copy or move all entries COPY (with MOVE option) (with MOVE option)

Copy entries to a new catalog (overwriting the catalog if it already exists) COPY (with NEW option)

Copy only selected entries COPY, SELECT

Copy all except the entries specified COPY, EXCLUDE
Delete entries from a SAS catalog

Delete all entries PROC CATALOG (with KILL option)

Delete all entries in catalog opened by another resource environment PROC CATALOG (with FORCE and KILL options)

Delete specified entries DELETE

Delete all except the entries specified SAVE
Alter names and descriptions

Change the names of catalog entries CHANGE

Switch the names of two catalog entries EXCHANGE

Change the description of a catalog entry MODIFY

Print the contents of a catalog CONTENTS

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