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The CATALOG Procedure

CONTENTS Statement

Lists the contents of a catalog in the procedure output or writes a list of the contents to a SAS data set, an external file, or both.
Featured in: Displaying Contents, Changing Names, and Changing a Description

CONTENTS <OUT=SAS-data-set> <FILE=fileref>;

Without Options

The output is sent to the procedure output.


Note:   The ENTRYTYPE= (ET=) option is not available for the CONTENTS statement.  [cautionend]


specifies the SAS catalog to process.

Alias: CAT=, C=
Default: None

sends the contents to an external file, identified with a SAS fileref.

Interaction: If fileref has not been previously assigned to a file, then the file is created and named according to operating environment-dependent rules for external files.

sends the contents to a SAS data set. When the statement executes, a message on the SAS log reports that a data set has been created. The data set contains six variables in the following order:

LIBNAME the libref
MEMNAME the catalog name
NAME the names of entries
TYPE the types of entries
DESC the descriptions of entries
DATE the dates entries were last modified.

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