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The CHART Procedure

VBAR Statement

Produces a vertical bar chart.
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VBAR variable(s) </ option(s)>;

Required Argument


specifies the variables for which PROC CHART produces a vertical bar chart, one chart for each variable.


The options available on the BLOCK, HBAR, PIE, STAR, and VBAR statements are documented in Customizing All Types of Charts.

Statement Results

PROC CHART prints one page per chart. Along the vertical axis, PROC CHART describes the chart frequency, the cumulative frequency, the chart percentage, the cumulative percentage, the sum, or the mean. At the bottom of each bar, PROC CHART prints a value according to the value of the TYPE= option, if specified. For character variables or discrete numeric variables, this value is the actual value represented by the bar. For continuous numeric variables, the value gives the midpoint of the interval represented by the bar.

PROC CHART can automatically scale the vertical axis, determine the bar width, and choose spacing between the bars. However, by using options, you can choose bar intervals and the number of bars, include missing values in the chart, produce side-by-side charts, and subdivide the bars. If the number of characters per line (LINESIZE=) is not sufficient to display all vertical bars, then PROC CHART produces a horizontal bar chart instead.

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