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The CHART Procedure

STAR Statement

Produces a star chart.

STAR variable(s) </ option(s)>;

Required Argument


specifies the variables for which PROC CHART produces a star chart, one chart for each variable.


The options available on the BLOCK, HBAR, PIE, STAR, and VBAR statements are documented in Customizing All Types of Charts.

Statement Results

The number of points in the star is determined in the same way as the number of bars for vertical bar charts.

If all the data values are positive, then the center of the star represents zero and the outside circle represents the maximum value. If any data values are negative, then the center represents the minimum. See the description of the AXIS= option for more information about how to specify maximum and minimum values. For information about how to specify the proportion of the chart, see the description of the LPI= option.

If you try to create a star chart for a variable with more than 24 levels, then PROC CHART produces a horizontal bar chart instead.

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