The DTREE Procedure

Syntax: DTREE Procedure

The following statements are available in PROC DTREE:

PROC DTREE options ;
EVALUATE / options ;
MODIFY specifications ;
MOVE specifications ;
RESET options ;
SUMMARY / options ;
TREEPLOT / options ;
VARIABLES / options ;
VPC specifications ;
VPI specifications ;

The DTREE procedure begins with the PROC DTREE statement and terminates with the QUIT statement. The VARIABLES statement can be used only once, and if it is used, it must appear before any other statements. The EVALUATE, MODIFY, MOVE, RECALL, RESET, SAVE, SUMMARY, TREEPLOT, VPC, and VPI statements can be listed in any order and can be used as many times as desired with one exception: the RECALL statement must be preceded by at least one SAVE statement.

You can also submit any other valid SAS statements, for example, OPTIONS, TITLE, and SAS/GRAPH global statements. In particular, the SAS/GRAPH statements that can be used to enhance the DTREE procedure’s output on graphics devices are listed in Table 7.3. Note that the DTREE procedure is not supported with the ActiveX or Java series of devices on the GOPTIONS statement. Refer to SAS/GRAPH Software: Reference for more explanation of these statements.

Table 7.3: Statements to Enhance Graphics Output




Produce footnotes that are displayed on the graphics output


Define default values for graphics options


Produce text that is displayed on the graphics output


Create symbol definitions


Produce titles that are displayed on the graphics output