The DTREE Procedure

Options in Multiple Statements

Many options that can be specified in the PROC DTREE statement can also appear in other statements. The options specified in the PROC DTREE statement remain in effect for all statements until the end of processing or until they are changed by a RESET statement. In this sense, those options are global options. The options specified in other statements are in effect only for the statement in which they are specified; hence, they are local options. If an option is specified both in the PROC DTREE statement and in another statement, the local specification overrides the global specification.

For example, the following statements

      reset criterion=maxev;
      evaluate / criterion=maxce rt=700000;

imply that the decision problem is evaluated and the optimal decision is determined based on the criterion MAXCE with RT=700000. However, the optimal decision summary produced by the SUMMARY statement is based on the option CRITERION=MAXEV and not the MAXCE criterion. If you want an option to be set permanently, use the RESET statement.