Introduction to Project Management

Project Management Systems

As illustrated in the section "Data Flow" and the section "Examples", the procedures of SAS/OR software, when combined with the other parts of the SAS System, provide a rich environment for developing customized project management systems. Every company has its own set of requirements for how project data should be handled and for how costs should be accounted. The CPM, GANTT, NETDRAW, and PM procedures, together with the other reporting, summarizing, charting, and plotting procedures, are the basic building blocks that can be combined in several different ways to provide the exact structure that you need. The interactive PM procedure can be used as the primary editing interface for entering all activity information for your projects. Further, the application building tools in the SAS System can be used to cement the pieces together in a menu-driven application. You can create easy-to-use applications enabling the user to enter information continually and to obtain progress reports periodically.

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