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The LP Procedure

Examples: LP Procedure

The following fifteen examples illustrate some of the capabilities of PROC LP. These examples, together with the other SAS/OR examples, can be found in the SAS sample library. A description of the features of PROC LP as shown in the examples are

Example 5.1

dense input format

Example 5.2

sparse input format

Example 5.3

the RANGEPRICE option to show you the range over which each objective coefficient can vary without changing the variables in the basis

Example 5.4

more sensitivity analysis and restarting a problem

Example 5.5

parametric programming

Example 5.6

special ordered sets

Example 5.7

goal programming

Example 5.8

integer programming

Example 5.9

an infeasible problem

Example 5.10

restarting integer programs

Example 5.11

controlling the search of the branch-and-bound tree

Example 5.12

matrix generation and report writing for an assignment problem

Example 5.13

matrix generation and report writing for a scheduling problem

Example 5.14

a multicommodity transshipment problem

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