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REPOS Namespace Metadata Types

Overview of REPOS Namespace Metadata Types

The REPOS namespace contains metadata types that define repository objects. The SAS Metadata Model provides these metadata types to enable clients to register repositories in the repository manager, to manage the repositories' availability on the server, to list information about repositories, and to be able to control who can create and access metadata in the repositories.

Because they are in a separate namespace, the REPOS types do not inherit attributes from the SAS namespace Root object. The REPOS types have their own inheritance. However, clients use SAS Open Metadata Interface IOMI class methods to add RepositoryBase objects to the SAS Metadata Server and query their attributes and associations just like any SAS namespace metadata object.

It is not necesary to create a logical metadata definition to describe a repository; a repository is defined by one object.

When using IOMI class methods on repository objects, be sure to note usage considerations described in the metadata type documentation.

Type Hierarchy

The SAS Metadata Model uses classes and objects to define different types of metadata, and to model associations between individual metadata objects. It uses inheritance of attributes and associations to effect common behaviors, and it uses subclassing to extend behaviors.

The hierarchy of the repository types is

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