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SAS Namespace Submodels

Business Information Submodel

This submodel contains metadata types that are used to describe people and documents.

Metadata Types

The Business Information submodel has the following metadata types. Click on each metadata type to display its attributes and associations.










The Keyword metadata type is used to add single keyword descriptions to another metadata object. The Document metadata type contains a URI and can be used to associate documentation to a metadata object. The Timestamp metadata type contains a timestamp value and a role that indicates the meaning of the timestamp. The UnitofTime metadata type is used to specify the number of a unit of time measurement such as day, hour, or week.

The Person metadata type describes a particular person and can be associated with ResponsibleParty objects, Email objects, Location objects, and Phone objects. The ResponsibleParty metadata type describes a particular role for a person, such as an author or administrator. The Email metadata type contains an e-mail address. The Location metadata type is used to describe an address. The Phone metadata type contains information about phone numbers.


The primary usage of these metadata types is to further describe other metadata objects. These metadata types are used to:

When creating ResponsibleParty objects, do not use the SAS Open Metadata Interface AddMetadata method. ResponsibleParty objects need to be created in the same repository as the identity object that they describe. Special interfaces are provided to enable you to add and get ResponsibleParty objects in a secure way. The SAS Java Metadata Interface provides a getResponsibleParties method that gets the specified ResponsibleParty object, or creates one, if the specified object is not found. The SAS Open Metadata Interface provides AddResponsibleParty and GetResponsibleParty methods. See the SAS Open Metadata Interface: Reference and Usage for more information about these methods.

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