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Listing Session Queries on an OLAP Server

You can list information about session queries with the LIST QUERIES statement.


The LIST QUERIES statement generates the following statistics:

MDX String

contains the MDX string for the query. The cube referenced in the query is easily determined because the FROM clause is placed at the front of the query. For example, an MDX query such as

select measures.members on columns from mddbcars
is displayed as from mddbcars select measures.members on columns.
Results Set Type

indicates the type of the query's results set. Valid values for this statistic are Multidimensional, Flattened, or Schema Rowset (not used).


indicates the approximate memory used in the query.

Note:   For SAS versions earlier than 9.2, this statistic indicates the number of cells returned in the query.  [cautionend]

Here is an example output for a 9.2 server.

Query Statement "FROM STAR  SELECT"
Query type is Multidimensional
Query size in cells =  1
The query is running.

For 9.2 OLAP Servers, the following statistics are also available:

Last Update Time

indicates the last time the query was referenced.

Query ID

is the query ID.

Read Cells

indicates the number of cells read.

Total Cells

indicates the total number of cells.

Note:   For SAS versions earlier than 9.2, this statistic is equivalent to the Size statistic.  [cautionend]

Here is an example output for a 9.2 OLAP server.

Query Statement "FROM SALES SELECT"
Query ID: E8900912-3A26-4A06-9315-34A111AF57D0
Query type is Flattened
Query size in MB =  693464
Total cells = 1 and cells read = 1
The time of last data set access is 12Nov2007:16:51:21

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