TEMPLATE Procedure: Creating Markup Language Tagsets


Writes the contents of the specified stream variable to an output file.


Required Argument

specifies a stream variable, which is a temporary item store that contains output.
Tip:If you assign the name of a memory variable to stream-variable-name, then the stream variable resolves as the value of the memory variable. For example, the following partial program uses the memory variable $MyStream as a stream variable:
set $mystream 'test';
 open $mystream;
 put 'The memory variable $mystream is being used as a stream variable';
Therefore, the following statements are equivalent:
put $$test;
 putstream $mystream;
 putstream test;
The following statements are also equivalent:
unset $$test;
 delstream $mystream;
 delstream test;
See memory variables.

Optional Argument

specifies one or more conditions that must be true for the event statement to execute.
Requirement:event-statement-condition(s) must be preceded by a slash (/).
See: For information about these conditions, see Event Statement Conditions.