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TEMPLATE Procedure: Managing Template Stores

Example 2: Using a WHERE Expression to Select Items in a Template Store


PATH statement

LIST statement:

where-expression option

starting-path option

SORT= option

Program Description

This example uses a WHERE expression to select, for listing, fitted distribution table templates in the Base.Univariate directory.

Program Program

 Note about code
options nodate pageno=1 pagesize=60 linesize=72;
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proc template; 
path sashelp.tmplmst;
 Note about code
list base.univariate / sort=path descending 
where=(lowcase(path) ? 'fit'); 

Listing of Fitted Distribution Templates In the Base.Univariate Template Store


             Listing of: SASHELP.TMPLMST
             Path Filter is: Base.Univariate
             Sort by: PATH/DESCENDING

             Obs    Path                            Type
              1     Base.Univariate.FitQuant        Table
              2     Base.Univariate.FitParms        Table
              3     Base.Univariate.FitGood         Table

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