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TEMPLATE Procedure: Managing Template Stores

Example 1: Listing Templates in a Template Store


PATH statement

LIST statement:

starting-path option

SORT= option

Program Description

This example lists the items for the Base.Univariate directory in the item store SASHELP.TMPLMST.


 Note about code
options nodate pageno=1 pagesize=60 linesize=72;
 Note about code
proc template; 
path sashelp.tmplmst;
 Note about code
list base.univariate / sort=path descending;

Listing of Base.Univariate Template Store


             Listing of: SASHELP.TMPLMST
             Path Filter is: Base.Univariate
             Sort by: PATH/DESCENDING

             Obs    Path                            Type
              1     Base.Univariate.Wins            Table
              2     Base.Univariate.Trim            Table
              3     Base.Univariate.Robustscale     Table
              4     Base.Univariate.Quantiles       Table
              5     Base.Univariate.PValue          Column
              6     Base.Univariate.Normal          Table
              7     Base.Univariate.Moments         Link
              8     Base.Univariate.Modes           Table
              9     Base.Univariate.Missings        Table
             10     Base.Univariate.Measures        Table
             11     Base.Univariate.Location        Table
             12     Base.Univariate.LocCount        Table
             13     Base.Univariate.Frequency       Table
             14     Base.Univariate.FitQuant        Table
             15     Base.Univariate.FitParms        Table
             16     Base.Univariate.FitGood         Table
             17     Base.Univariate.ExtVal          Table
             18     Base.Univariate.ExtObs          Table
             19     Base.Univariate.ConfLimits      Table
             20     Base.Univariate.Bins            Table
             21     Base.Univariate.BinPercents     Table
             22     Base.Univariate                 Dir

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