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TEMPLATE Procedure: Overview

PROC TEMPLATE Statements by Category

This table lists and describes the categories and statements used in the TEMPLATE procedure.

Task Statements Category Statements Description
Navigate template stores and manage ODS templates Template store DELETE Deletes the specified template

LINK Creates a link to an existing template

LIST Lists items in one or more template stores

PATH Specifies the locations to write to or read from when creating or using PROC TEMPLATE templates, and the order in which to search for them

SOURCE Writes the source code for the specified template

TEST Tests the most recently created template by binding it to the specified data set
Create or modify ODS style Style DEFINE STYLE Creates a style for any destination that supports the STYLE= option
Create and modify ODS table, column, header, and footer templates Tabular EDIT Edits an existing template

DEFINE COLUMN Creates a template for a column

DEFINE FOOTER Creates a template for a table footer

DEFINE HEADER Creates a template for a header

DEFINE TABLE Creates a template for a table
Create or modify markup language tagsets Markup language tagsets DEFINE TAGSET Creates a template for a tagset
Create or modify a crosstabulation table template Tabular DEFINE CROSSTABS Creates a template for a PROC FREQ crosstabulation table
Create or modify a graph template Graphical DEFINE STATGRAPH Creates a template for a graph

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