TRANTAB Procedure

Tip: Supports RUN-group processing


LOAD TABLE=table-name <NLS>;
REPLACE position value-1<…value-n>;
SAVE <TABLE=table-name> <ONE|TWO|BOTH>;

Translation tables were introduced in SAS 6 to support the requirements of national languages. SAS 8.2 introduced the LOCALE= system option as an improvement on direct use of translation tables. SAS 9.3 supports the TRANTAB procedure for backward compatibility. However, using the LOCALE= system option is preferred in later SAS releases. PROC TRANTAB is an interactive procedure. Once you submit a PROC TRANTAB statement, you can continue to enter and execute statements without repeating the PROC TRANTAB statement. To terminate the procedure, submit a QUIT statement or submit another DATA or PROC statement.

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task
CLEAR Statement Set all positions in the translation table to zero
INVERSE Statement Create an inverse of table 1
LIST Statement Display a translation table in hexadecimal representation
LOAD Statement Load a translation table into memory for editing
REPLACE Statement Replace the characters in a translation table with specified values
SAVE Statement Save the translation table in your SASUSER.PROFILE catalog
SWAP Statement Exchange table 1 with table 2