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Autocall Macros for NLS

%KLOWCASE and %QKLOWCAS Autocall Macros

Change uppercase characters to lowercase.
Category: DBCS
Requirement: MAUTOSOURCE system option



%KLOWCASE (text | text expression)
%QKLOWCAS (text | text expression)

Note:   Autocall macros are included in a SAS library. This library might not be installed at your site or might be a site-specific version. If you cannot access this macro or if you want to find out if the library is a site-specific version, see your on-site SAS support personnel.  [cautionend]


The %KLOWCASE and %QKLOWCAS macros change uppercase alphabetic characters to their lowercase equivalents. If the argument might contain a special character or mnemonic operator, listed below, use %QKLOWCAS.

%KLOWCASE returns a result without quotation marks, even if the argument has quotation marks. %QKLOWCAS produces a result with the following special characters and mnemonic operators masked so the macro processor interprets them as text instead of as elements of the macro language:

& % ' " ( ) + - * / < > = ¬ ^ ~ ; , blank AND OR NOT EQ NE LE LT GE GT IN

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