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Formats for NLS

$KANJIXw. Format

Removes shift-code data from DBCS data.
Category: DBCS
Alignment: left

Syntax Description
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Syntax Description


specifies the width of the output field.

Restriction: The width must be an even number. If it is an odd number, it is truncated. The width must be equal to or greater than the length of the shift-code data.
Range: The minimum width of the format is 2.


The $KANJIX format removes shift-code data from DBCS data. The input data length must be 2 + (SO/SI length)*2 . The data must start with SO and end with SI, unless single-byte data is returned.

The $KANJIX format processes host mainframe data, but $KANJIX can be used on other platforms. If you use the $KANJIX format on non-EBCDIC (non-modal encoding) hosts, the data does not change.

See Also


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$KANJIXw. Informat

System Options:

DBCSTYPE System Option: UNIX, Windows, and z/OS

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