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Automatic Macro Variables

SYSSCP and SYSSCPL Automatic Macro Variables

Contain an identifier for your operating environment.
Type: Automatic macro variable (read only)

Deleting a Temporary File on a Platform Running SAS


SYSSCP and SYSSCPL resolve to an abbreviation of the name of your operating environment. In some cases, SYSSCPL provides a more specific value than SYSSCP. You could use SYSSCP and SYSSCPL to check the operating environment to execute appropriate system commands.

The following table lists the values for SYSSCP and SYSSCPL.

SYSSCP and SYSSCPL Values for Platforms Running SAS 9.2 or Later
Platform SYSSCP Value SYSSCPL Value
z/OS OS z/OS
VMI or OpenVMS on Itanium - supported for Foundation SAS only VMS ITAN OpenVMS
H61 or HP-UX IPF or HP-UX on Itanium HP IPF HP-UX
LAX or LINUX on X64 (x86-64) LIN X64 LINUX
LNX or LINUX or LINUX 32-bit (x86) LINUX LINUX
R64 or AIX64 or AIX on POWER AIX 64 AIX
S64 or SUN64 or Solaris on SPARC SUN 64 SUNOS or SunOS
SAX or Solaris 10 on X64 (x86-64) SUN X64 SUNOS
Windows XP Pro WIN XP_PRO
Windows Server 2003 WIN NET_SRV
Windows Enterprise Server 2003 WIN NET_ASRV
Windows Data Center Server 2003 WIN NET_DSRV
Windows XP Pro x64 WIN X64_PRO
Windows Server 2003 x64 WIN X64_SRV
Windows Enterprise Server 2003 x64 WIN X64_ESRV
Windows Data Center Server 2003 x64 WIN X64_DSRV
Windows Vista Business WIN W32_VSPRO
Windows Server 2008 WIN W32_SRV08
Windows Enterprise Server 2008 WIN W32_ESRV08
Windows Data Center Server 2008 WIN W32_DSRV08
Windows Vista Business x64 WIN X64_VSPRO
Windows Server 2008 x64 WIN X64_SRV08
Windows Enterprise Server 2008 x64 WIN X64_ESRV08
Windows Data Center Server 2008 x64 WIN X64_DSRV08
Windows Server 2008 Itanium WIN W64_ESRV08
Windows Itanium Enterprise Server 2003 or W64_ASRV WIN W64_ASRV
Windows Itanium Data Center Server 2003 or W64_DSRV WIN W64_DSRV
Windows Itanium Server 2003 WIN W64_SRV


Example 1: Deleting a Temporary File on a Platform Running SAS

The macro DELFILE locates the platform that is running SAS and deletes the TMP file. FILEREF is a global macro variable that contains the fileref for the TMP file.

%macro delfile;
   %if  /* HP Unix */&sysscp=HP 800 or &sysscp=HP 300
         X "rm &fileref..TMP";
      %else %if  /* DOS-LIKE PLATFORMS */&sysscp=OS2 or &sysscp=WIN
          X "DEL &fileref..TMP";
   %else %if  /* CMS */&sysscp=CMS
         X "ERASE &fileref TEMP A";
%mend delfile;

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