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AutoCall Macros

%COMPSTOR Autocall Macro

Compiles macros and stores them in a catalog in a permanent SAS library.
Type: Autocall macro
Requirement: MAUTOSOURCE system option





is the physical name of a SAS library on your host system. The COMPSTOR macro uses this value to automatically assign a libref. Do not enclose SAS library in quotation marks.

Note:   Autocall macros are included in a library supplied by SAS. This library might not be installed at your site or might be a site-specific version. If you cannot access this macro or if you want to find out if it is a site-specific version, see your on-site SAS support personnel. For more information, see Storing and Reusing Macros.  [cautionend]


The COMPSTOR macro compiles the following autocall macros in a SAS catalog named SASMACR in a permanent SAS library. The overhead of compiling is saved when these macros are called for the first time in a SAS session. You can use the COMPSTOR macro as an example of how to create compiled stored macros. For more information about the autocall macros that are supplied by SAS or about using stored compiled macros, see Storing and Reusing Macros.


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