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Automatic Macro Variables

SYSPBUFF Automatic Macro Variable

Contains text supplied as macro parameter values.
Type: Automatic macro variable (read and write, local scope)

Using SYSPBUFF to Display Macro Parameter Values


SYSPBUFF resolves to the text supplied as parameter values in the invocation of a macro that is defined with the PARMBUFF option. For name-style invocations, this text includes the parentheses and commas. Using the PARMBUFF option and SYSPBUFF, you can define a macro that accepts a varying number of parameters at each invocation.

If the macro definition includes both a set of parameters and the PARMBUFF option, the macro invocation causes the parameters to receive values and the entire invocation list of values to be assigned to SYSPBUFF.


Example 1: Using SYSPBUFF to Display Macro Parameter Values

The macro PRINTZ uses the PARMBUFF option to define a varying number of parameters and SYSPBUFF to display the parameters specified at invocation.

%macro printz/parmbuff;
   %put Syspbuff contains: &syspbuff;
   %let num=1;
   %let dsname=%scan(&syspbuff,&num);
   %do %while(&dsname ne);
      proc print data=&dsname;
      %let num=%eval(&num+1);
      %let dsname=%scan(&syspbuff,&num);
%mend printz;


When this program executes, this line is written to the SAS log:

Syspbuff contains: (purple,red,blue,teal)

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