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Introduction to System Options for Metadata

Connection Options

Introduction to Connection Options

The connection properties are required to establish a connection to the metadata server. You can establish a connection in the following ways:

If the connection fails, check the connection properties to be sure you have specified or omitted quotation marks exactly as documented.

Specifying Connection Properties Directly

The METAPASS=, METAPORT=, METAPROTOCOL=, METAREPOSITORY=, METASERVER=, METASPN=, and METAUSER= options each specify a connection property. Typically these values are set in a configuration file.

Example: Configuration File

To set the default metadata server to use the password sasuser1, port 9999, protocol bridge, repository myrepos, metadata server, and user ID myuserid, you would add the following lines to the configuration file:

-METAPASS  "sasuser1"
-METAUSER  "myuserid" 

Example: OPTIONS Statement

The following OPTIONS statement has the same effect as the configuration file example:

options metapass="sasuser1"

Specifying a Stored Connection Profile

Instead of specifying individual connection options for the metadata server, you can use the METACONNECT= and METAPROFILE options.

METAPROFILE must be specified at SAS invocation or in a configuration file. It specifies the pathname of an XML document that contains connection profiles. METACONNECT= can be submitted at any time. It specifies one named connection profile in the XML document. A connection profile contains metadata server connection properties, such as the name of the host computer on which the metadata server is invoked, the TCP port, and the user ID and password of the requesting user.

You can create connection profiles with the Metadata Server Connections dialog box. Open the dialog box by executing the SAS windowing environment command METACON. The dialog box enables you to save (export) one or more connection profiles to a permanent XML document. To learn more about the METACON command, see the online Help in the SAS windowing environment.

The connection profiles are similar to the ones that are used by SAS Management Console. However, SAS Management Console stores its connection profiles in a different way. For more information about connection profiles in SAS Management Console, see the online Help that is available fromSAS Management Console.

Configuration File Example

Here is a configuration file example that invokes a user connection profile named Mike's profile:

-METAPROFILE "!SASROOT\metauser.xml" 
-METACONNECT "Mike's profile"

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