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Concepts: METAOPERATE Procedure


The administrator of the metadata server can perform two kinds of maintenance with PROC METAOPERATE:

How PAUSE, REFRESH, and RESUME Affect Repositories

Beginning in SAS 9.2, the PAUSE and RESUME actions affect the metadata server, not an individual repository or the repository manager. The REFRESH action is equivalent to a PAUSE action followed by a RESUME action.

The pause state is a property of each repository. However, a repository's pause state is not set directly. It is computed from both the metadata server state and the repository's registered access mode.

A repository's computed pause state is one of the following:


allows read and write access for users with administrative status only.


allows read-only access for users with administrative status only.


disables all read and write access, unloads the repository from memory, and closes the physical files.


allows normal access to the repository.


allows read-only access for any user.

The following grid shows how a repository's pause state is computed from the repository's access mode (the rows) and the metadata server's state (the columns). For example, a repository with a registered OMS_READONLY access mode and an ADMIN server state has an admin(readonly) pause state.

Online Server State Admin Server State Offline Server State
OMS_FULL Access Mode online admin offline
OMS_READONLY Access Mode readonly admin(readonly) offline
OMS_ADMIN Access Mode admin admin offline
OMS_OFFLINE Access Mode offline offline offline

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