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SAS System Options

CMPLIB= System Option

Specifies one or more SAS data sets that contain compiler subroutines to include during program compilation.
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, System Options window
Category: Files: SAS Files

Syntax Description
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Syntax Description

specifies the libref and the data set of the compiler subroutines that are to be included during program compilation. The libref and data-set must be valid SAS names. -

specifies a range of compiler subroutines that are to be included during program compilation. The name of the libref and the data set must be valid SAS names that contain a numeric suffix.


SAS procedures, DATA steps, and macro programs that perform non-linear statistical modeling or optimization use a SAS language compiler subsystem that compiles and executes your SAS programs. The compiler subsystem generates machine language code for the computer on which SAS is running. The SAS procedures that use the SAS language compiler are CALIS, COMPILE, GA, GENMOD, MODEL, NLIN, NLMIXED, NLP, PHREG, Risk Dimensions procedures, and SQL.

The subroutines that you want to include must already have been compiled. All the subroutines in are included.

You can specify a single, a list of names, or a range of names with numeric suffixes. When you specify more than one name, separate the names with a space and enclose the names in parentheses.

After SAS starts, you can use the APPEND or INSERT system options to add additional data sets.


Number of Libraries OPTIONS Statement
One library options cmplib=sasuser.cmpl;
Two or more libraries options cmplib=(sasuser.cmpl sasuser.cmplA sasuser.cmpl3);
A range of libraries options cmplib=(sasuser.cmpl1 - sasuser.cmpl6);

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