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SAS System Options

PDFFILLIN System Option

Specifies whether PDF forms can be filled in.
Requirement: Adobe Acrobat Reader or Professional 5.0 and later versions
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window
Category: Log and procedure output control: PDF

Syntax Description
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Syntax Description


specifies that PDF forms can be filled in.


specifies that PDF forms cannot be filled in.


When the PDFSECURITY option is set to HIGH, SAS sets the PDFFILLIN option. If the PDFSECURITY option is set to LOW or NONE, this option is not functional. When the PDFSECURITY option is set to NONE, PDF forms can be filled in.

The following document properties are set for this option:

Value of PDFFILLIN Value of PDFSECURITY Document Properties
NOPDFFILLIN LOW Changing the Document, Document Assembly, Page Extraction, Commenting, Filling of form fields, Signing, and Creation of Template Pages are set to Not Allowed.

When PDFSECURITY=LOW, the settings for the PDFCOMMENT and PDFFILLIN options are dependent on each other. A change in either of these options changes the other option to the similar setting. For example, if PDFSECURITY=LOW, and PDFCOMMENT and PDFFILLIN are set, and if the PDFCOMMENT setting is modified to NOPDFCOMMENT, then SAS sets NOPDFFILLIN. When PDFSECURITY=HIGH, PDFCOMMENT and PDFFILLIN can be set independently.

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