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SAS System Options

PAPERSIZE= System Option

Specifies the paper size to use for printing.
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window
Category: Environment control: Language control
Log and procedure output control: ODS Printing

Syntax Description
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PAPERSIZE=paper_size_name| ("width_value" <,> "height_value")| ('width_value'<,> 'height_value') | (width_value height_value)

Syntax Description


specifies a predefined paper size. The default is either LETTER or A4, depending on the locale.

Default: Letter
Valid Values: Refer to the Registry Editor, or use PROC REGISTRY to obtain a listing of supported paper sizes. Additional values can be added.
Requirement: When the name of a predefined paper size contains spaces, enclose the name in single or double quotation marks.
Restriction: The maximum length is 200 characters.
("width_value", "height_value")

specifies paper width and height as positive floating-point values.

Default: inches
Range: in or cm for width_value, height_value


If you specify a predefined paper size or a custom size that is not supported by your printer, the printer default paper size is used. The printer default paper size is locale dependent and can be changed using the Page Setup dialog box.

Fields that specify values for paper sizes can either be separated by blanks or commas.

Note:   Changing the value of this option can result in changes to the values of the portable LINESIZE= and PAGESIZE= system options.  [cautionend]

Operating Environment Information:    Most SAS system options are initialized with default settings when SAS is invoked. However, the default settings and option values for some SAS system options can vary both by operating environment and by site. For details, see the SAS documentation for your operating environment.  [cautionend]

For additional information about declaring an ODS printer destination, see ODS statements in the SAS Output Delivery System: User's Guide.

For additional information about the SAS universal print facility, see Printing with SAS in SAS Language Reference: Concepts.


The first OPTIONS statement sets a paper size value that is a paper size name from the SAS Registry. The second OPTIONS statement sets a specific width and height for a paper size.

options papersize="480x640 Pixels";
options papersize=("4.5" "7");

In the first example, quotation marks are required because there is a space in the name.

In the second example, quotation marks are not required. When no measurement units are specified, SAS writes the following warning to the SAS log:

WARNING: Units were not specified on the PAPERSIZE option. Inches will be used.
WARNING: Units were not specified on the PAPERSIZE option. Inches will be used.

You can avoid the warning message by adding the unit type, in or cm, to the value with no space separating the value and the unit type:

options papersize=(4.5in 7in);

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