FRLEN Function

Returns the size of the last record that was read, or, if the file is opened for output, returns the current record size.

Category: External Files



Required Argument


is a numeric variable that specifies the identifier that was assigned when the file was opened, generally by the FOPEN function.


This example opens the file that is identified by the fileref MYFILE. It determines the minimum and maximum length of records in the external file and writes the results to the log:
%let fid=%sysfunc(fopen(myfile));
%let min=0;
%let max=0;
%if (%sysfunc(fread(&fid)) = 0) %then
      %let min=%sysfunc(frlen(&fid));
      %let max=&min;
      %do %while(%sysfunc(fread(&fid)) = 0);
         %let reclen=%sysfunc(frlen(&fid));
         %if (&reclen > &max) %then 
            %let max=&reclen;
         %if (&reclen < &min) %then 
            %let min=&reclen;
%let rc=%sysfunc(fclose(&fid));
%put max=&max min=&min;