FCLOSE Function

Closes an external file, directory, or directory member.

Category: External Files
See: FCLOSE Function: z/OS in SAS Companion for z/OS



Required Argument


is a numeric variable that specifies the identifier that was assigned when the file was opened, generally by the FOPEN function.


FCLOSE returns a 0 if the operation was successful and ≠0 if it was not successful. If you open a file within a DATA step, it is closed automatically when the DATA step ends.
Operating Environment Information: In some operating environments you must close the file with the FCLOSE function at the end of the DATA step. For more information, see the SAS documentation for your operating environment.


This example assigns the fileref MYFILE to an external file, and attempts to open the file. If the file is opened successfully, indicated by a positive value in the variable FID, the program reads the first record, closes the file, and deassigns the fileref:
%let filrf=myfile;
%let rc=%sysfunc(filename(filrf,
%let fid=%sysfunc(fopen(&filrf));
%if &fid > 0 %then
      %let rc=%sysfunc(fread(&fid));
      %let rc=%sysfunc(fclose(&fid));
      %put %sysfunc(sysmsg());
%let rc=%sysfunc(filename(filrf));