RMFDURw. Informat

Reads duration intervals of RMF records.
Category: Date and Time



Syntax Description

specifies the width of the input field.
Requirement:w must be 4 because packed decimal duration values in RMF records contain four bytes of information.


The RMFDURw. informat reads the duration of RMF measurement intervals of RMF records that are produced as packed decimal data by IBM mainframe systems and converts them to SAS time values.
The general form of the duration interval data in an RMF record in hexadecimal notation is mmsstttF:
is the one-byte representation of two digits that correspond to minutes.
is the one-byte representation of two digits that correspond to seconds.
is the one-and-a-half-bytes representation of three digits that correspond to thousandths of a second.
is a half byte that contains all binary 1s, which assigns the value as positive.
If the field does not contain packed decimal data, then RMFDURw. results in a missing value.


  • Both the RMFDURw. informat and the RMFSTAMPw. informat read packed decimal information from RMF records that are produced by IBM mainframe systems.
  • The RMFDURw. informat reads duration data and results in a time value.
  • The RMFSTAMPw. informat reads time-of-day data and results in a datetime value.


input dura rmfdur4.;
Data Line 1
1The data line is a hexadecimal representation of a binary duration value that is stored in packed decimal form as it would appear in an RMF record. Each byte occupies one column of the input field. The result is a SAS time value corresponding to 00:35:52.226.