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Calling Functions in the R Language

Transfer from an R Source to a SAS Destination

You can transfer data and results from R data frames or matrices to a SAS data set or a SAS/IML matrix. Table 11.2 summarizes the frequently used methods that copy from an R source to a SAS destination.

Table 11.2 Transferring from an R Source to a SAS Destination


R Source

SAS Destination


R expression

SAS data set


R expression

SAS/IML matrix

The next section includes an example of calling an R analysis. Some of the results from the analysis are then transferred into SAS/IML matrices.

The result of an R analysis can be a complicated structure. In order to transfer an R object via the previously mentioned methods and modules, the object must be coercible to a data frame. (The R object m can be coerced to a data frame provided that the function succeeds.) There are many data structures that cannot be coerced into data frames. As the example in the next section shows, you can use R statements to extract and transfer simpler objects.

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