Language Reference

LOAD Statement

loads modules and matrices from library storage

LOAD <MODULE=(module-list)> <matrix-list>;

The inputs to the LOAD statement are as follows:

is a list of modules.

is a list of matrices.

The LOAD statement loads modules or matrix values from the current library storage into the current workspace. For example, to load three modules A, B, and C and one matrix X, use the following statement:

    load module=(A B C) X;

The special operand _ALL_ can be used to load all matrices or all modules. For example, if you want to load all matrices, use the following statement:

    load _all_;

If you want to load all modules, use the following statement:

    load module=_all_;
To load all matrices and modules stored in the library storage, you can enter the LOAD command without any arguments, as follows:
The storage library can be specified by using a RESET storage command. The default library is WORK.IMLSTOR. For more information, see Chapter 14 and the descriptions of the STORE, REMOVE, RESET, and SHOW statements.

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