Multivariate Analysis: Discriminant Analysis

Output Variables Tab

You can use the Output Variables tab to add analysis variables to the data table. (See FigureĀ 30.8.) If you request a plot that uses one of the output variables, then that variable is automatically created even if you did not explicitly select the variable on the Output Variables tab.

The following list describes each output variable and indicates how the output variable is named. Y represents the name of the classification variable.

Posterior probabilities of group membership

adds variables named DiscProb_X, where X is the name of an X variable.

Predicted groups

adds a variable named DiscPred_Y that contains the name of the group to which each observation is assigned.

If a classification fit plot is requested on the Plots tab, then a variable named DiscLogProb_Y is created, as described in the section The Plots Tab.

Figure 30.8: The Output Variables Tab

The Output Variables Tab