Multivariate Analysis: Correspondence Analysis

Plots Tab

You can use the Plots tab to create plots that graphically display results of the analysis. (See FigureĀ 31.3.) The following plots are available:

Mosaic plot (single Y only)

creates a mosaic plot of a single Y variable versus the X variables. The mosaic plot is a graphical representation of the contingency table for the data.

Configuration plot

creates a plot of the first two principal coordinates. These directions account for the greatest deviation from independence. The row and column categories are plotted in these coordinates.

Note: The configuration plot is not linked to the original data set because it has a different number of observations. However, you can view the data for this plot by pressing the F9 key when the plot is active. The data are created by the combination of the SOURCE and OUTC= options in the PROC CORRESP statement.