Interacting with the Data Table

The Observations Menu

The row heading on the left side of the data table gives the status of each observation. The heading indicates whether an observation is selected, which shape and color is used to represent the observation in plots, and whether the observation is included in analyses.

You can change the properties of selected observations by using the Observations menu. You can access the Observations menu by selecting EditObservations from the main menu. Alternatively, right-clicking the row heading of a selected observation displays the same Observations menu, shown in Figure 4.7.

Figure 4.7: The Observations Menu

The Observations Menu

The following list describes each item on the Observations menu.

Include in Plots

includes the selected observations in graphs.

Exclude from Plots

excludes the selected observations from graphs.

Include in Analyses

includes the selected observations in statistical analyses.

Exclude from Analyses

excludes the selected observations from statistical analyses.

Marker Properties

displays the Marker Properties dialog box. The Marker Properties dialog box is described in section Changing Marker Properties.

Label by Observation Number

sets the label that is displayed in the left-most column of the data table to be the observation number. The observation number is also set as the default label that is displayed when you click an observation marker in a graph.

Label by Variable

displays the Label by Variable dialog box. The Label by Variable dialog box is described in section Changing Observation Labels.

Invert Selection

changes the set of selected observations. Deselected observations become selected, and selected observations become deselected.


deletes the selected observations.

Examine Selected Observations

displays the Examine Selected Observations dialog box. You can use this dialog box to view and compare the selected observations. The Examine Selected Observations dialog box is described in section Examining Selected Observations.