Related Software and Documentation

This book is one of three documents about SAS/IML Studio. In this book you learn how to use the SAS/IML Studio GUI to conduct exploratory data analysis and standard statistical analyses.

A second book, SAS/IML Studio for SAS/STAT Users, is intended for SAS/STAT programmers. In it, you learn how to use SAS/IML Studio in conjunction with SAS/STAT in order to explore data and visualize statistical models. In particular, you learn to call procedures in other SAS products such as SAS/STAT or Base SAS by using the SUBMIT statement.

The third source of documentation is the SAS/IML Studio online Help. You can display the online Help by selecting Help \blacktriangleright\,Help Topics from the main menu. The online Help includes documentation for all IMLPlus classes and associated methods.

SAS/IML Studio is closely related to the SAS/IML software. The language used to write programs in SAS/IML Studio is called IMLPlus. This language consists of SAS/IML functions and subroutines, plus additional syntax to support the creation and manipulation of statistical graphics. The SAS/IML Studio program windows color-code keywords in the IMLPlus language.

Most SAS/IML programs run without modification in the IMLPlus environment. The SAS/IML Studio online Help includes a list of differences between IMLPlus and the SAS/IML language.

For your convenience in referencing related SAS software, the SAS/IML User's Guide, the SAS/STAT User's Guide, and the Base SAS Procedures Guide are available from the SAS/IML Studio Help menu.

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