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SAS/IntrNet 9.2: htmSQL

About htmSQL

Users of today's information highway demand up-to-the-minute information that is easy to access and read. htmSQL meets the challenge by integrating your SAS data with Web interface technology.

htmSQL is a CGI program that enables you to perform SQL processing from a Web page. You provide an input file containing SQL statements that are embedded in HTML; htmSQL performs updates and queries on your data source and then formats any results. Because htmSQL uses the Web for information delivery, your users can easily access your SAS data from anywhere on your network.

With htmSQL, you design the Web page--it can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want, and you can use whatever HTML elements your Web browser supports. You can display the results of any number of SQL statements on a single page and embed the results anywhere in a page. htmSQL dynamically processes the SQL in response to user requests, ensuring that the most current SAS data is processed.

htmSQL is available for the UNIX, Windows, and z/OS platforms.

Note: z/OS is the successor to the OS/390 and MVS operating systems. SAS/IntrNet 9.1 for z/OS is supported on the MVS, OS/390, and z/OS operating systems and, throughout this document, any reference to z/OS also applies to OS/390 and MVS, unless otherwise stated.

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