About OLE

OLE is a means of integrating multiple sources of information from different applications into a unified document. These objects can include text, graphics, charts, sound, video clips, and much more.
OLE 1.0, which the SAS has supported since Release 6.08, enabled you to link and embed OLE objects into SAS/AF FRAME entries and SAS/EIS applications. OLE 2.0, which SAS 9.4 supports, provides many new features that you can use to enhance your SAS/AF frames and SAS/EIS applications.
Note: SAS under Windows (and OLE 2.0 in general) still supports all the features from OLE 1.0.
SAS can function as an object container or client. The applications that create (and update) the objects that you place in a FRAME entry are known as servers. You can also use SAS as a server from within other applications through OLE automation.
For more information about OLE in general, see the documentation for the Windows operating environment. For descriptions of the error messages that you might receive while using OLE features in SAS/AF software, see Using OLE .