SAS/AF Catalog Compatibility

SAS/AF catalogs that contain OLE HSERVICE entries can be ported from Release 6.09 for Windows NT and Release 6.10 or later for Windows transparently, just by assigning librefs to those catalogs in your SAS 9.4 session.
Note: SAS/AF catalogs created in SAS 9.4 that contain HSERVICE entries can be ported back to Release 6.08 using the V608 option of the CPORT procedure, but the features that are ported are limited to those features that are available in Release 6.08.
HSERVICE entries must be used on the platform in which they were created. Any OLE feature that you include in your SAS/AF applications using SAS under Windows cannot be ported to another operating environment. (For portability purposes, all variations of Microsoft Windows are considered a single platform.)
Catalogs in a 32-bit architecture cannot be used without migrating to a 64-bit architecture and vice versus. Migration is accomplished through the CPORT and CIMPORT options.