Invoking SAS/AF Applications Automatically

SAS provides a system option, INITCMD, that lets you invoke SAS/AF programs automatically. When you use this option, SAS does not create the PROGRAM EDITOR, LOG, or OUTPUT windows but instead runs the SAS/AF applications and windowing environment commands that you specify.
The general syntax of the INITCMD option is:
-INITCMD “af-command<DM-command-1DM-command-n>
where af-command is a command to start an AF application, and DM-command-1 through DM-command-n are any windowing environment commands.
For example, the following option specification starts a SAS/AF application and loads a custom toolbar:
-initcmd "AF c=mylib.myapp.myfirst.frame;
  toolload bar mylib.myapp.profile.toolbox"
For more information about the INITCMD system option, see SAS System Options: Reference.