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SAS System Options under Windows

WORK System Option: Windows

Specifies the pathname for the directory containing the Work data library.
Default: !TEMP\SAS Temporary Files
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Environment control: Files
Windows specifics: Valid values for library-specification
See: WORK System Option in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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-WORK "library-specification"


specifies an environment variable or a Windows pathname. Remember that a pathname is only to the directory or subdirectory level. The value of library-specification must resolve to a valid Windows pathname. The library-specification must be enclosed in double quotation marks.


The default SAS configuration file creates the Work data library in a folder named "SAS Temporary Files" located in your system's designated temporary area (as specified by the TEMP environment variable).

SAS creates a subdirectory called TDnnnnn for each SAS process under the directory you specify in the WORK option, where nnnnn is a unique number.

If library-specification is a directory, then the work-data library will be stored in the directory. If library-specification is a file, then SAS will select a directory from the file to store the work-data library. The file must be a plain-text file. The following types of lines are valid in the file:

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